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He also voiced death threats against the President of the Council Léon Blum, organizer of the Popular Front, in the Action Française of , emphasizing his Jewish origins (he once called him an "old semitic camel" Fearing communism, he joined the pacifists and praised the Munich Agreement of 1938, which the President of the Council Édouard Daladier had signed without any illusions. Most of them belonged to the staff of the fascist newspaper Je suis partout.

He also wrote in Action Française: There are certain conservatives in France who fill us with disgust. Influencing António de Oliveira Salazar's Estado Novo regime in Portugal, Maurras also supported Francisco Franco and, until spring 1939, Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime.

He was received in the Academy on 8 June 1939 by Catholic writer Henry Bordeaux.

Although in June 1940 articles in Action Française signed by Maurras, Léon Daudet and Maurice Pujo praised General Charles de Gaulle, In La Seule France (1941) Maurras argued for a policy of France d'abord ("France First"), whereby France would restore itself politically and morally under Pétain, resolving the causes in his eyes of France's defeat in 1940, before dealing with the issue of the foreign occupation.

" during the decorations trafficking scandal which had involved Daniel Wilson, the son-in-law of the President Jules Grévy.

La Cocarde supported General Boulanger who had become a threat to the parliamentary Republic in the late 1880s.

It had a wide readership during the implementation of the 1905 law on the separation of Church and State.

In 1899 he wrote a short notice in favour of monarchy, "Dictateur et roi" ("Dictator and King"), and then in 1900 his "Enquête sur la monarchie" (Investigations on Monarchy), published in the Legitimist mouthpiece La Gazette de France, which made him famous.

Maurras quickly became influential in the movement, and converted Pujo and Vaugeois to monarchism, which became the movement's principal cause.Maurras also published thirteen articles in the newspaper Le Figaro during 19, as well as six articles between November 1902 and January 1903 in Edouard Drumont's anti-Semitic newspaper, La Libre Parole.Between 19, when the Camelots du Roi monarchist league was initiated, Maurras introduced the concept of political activism through extra-parliamentary leagues, theorizing the possibility of a coup d'état.Many early members of the Action Française were practicing Catholics, including Bernard de Vésins , the art historian Louis Dimier and the essayist Léon de Montesquiou.They helped Maurras develop the royalist league's pro-Catholic policies.

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