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all 12 songs from the soundtrack except Opening Titles, Into The Labyrinth, and The Goblin Battle).

I also have the sheet music for just Underground here.

You're actually made to jump around in the book as you slowly progress through the movie storyline, kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure except there's only ever one right page to go to.

Labyrinth puzzles: I have seven different Labyrinth jigsaw puzzles: Puzzle 1, 256 pieces and shrink wrapped, by Missing Link Trading Company.

Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, Puzzle 4, and Puzzle 5, 200 pieces in boxes, by Western Publishing Company.

Labyrinth theater production: Shepparton Kids in Theatre in Australia did a large impressive play based on the movie Labyrinth in January, 1999.

A scan of their program which Charles Kerr generously sent me may be seen here.

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