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It’s hard giving up your sex life at my age — people hear I’ve been celibate for so long and think I’m either a liar or there’s something wrong with me.‘But the positives are that I like myself better now than at any point in adulthood, and have never felt more confident.I’m happy to wait until the time feels right to start having sex again.’Of course celibacy is nothing new; the most recent statistics tell us 28 per cent of women over 40 lead sexless lives, and that more than half of UK adults have not had sex in the past month. Katherine is a young woman living in an era of supposed sexual liberation — many in her generation have embraced a sexualised culture that sees bed-hopping and promiscuity as a sign of emancipation rather than slack morals.For Katherine isn’t a virgin: she’s had seven lovers, a tally that — shocking as it may seem to many — is considered low among single women her age.But she made the decision to go celibate two years ago, after yet another meaningless sexual encounter that left her feeling worthless and used.

So committed is she, that she won’t even consider kissing a man before the end of their third date.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls. Katherine Mooney considers herself a typical 25-year-old.‘In the end, I realised he wasn’t going to take no for an answer so I got up, grabbed my things and fled.‘I still shudder at the memory and struggled to confide in my friends.It was embarrassing, and also difficult to discuss because I suspect many women actually do oblige men when they want to take sex in a more twisted direction.

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