Dating a self loather

But when I mentioned my intentions to my agent, Harold Davison, the colour drained from his face. The same principle applied to DJs - so, with a heavy heart, I put my career first and ended the relationship.

Although I was alone again against my will, I soon got into the swing of being single.

At that time, we were the nation's jukebox - and I was notching up audiences of around 20 million for my breakfast show.

And, sadly, I wasn't just imagining things, either - I caught Sally out on a couple of occasions, and our relationship eventually ran aground.

By the time I became Radio One's first DJ in 1967, I was making the most of my "eligible bachelor" status.

There's no point in being blase about it: I loved every minute of being one of the most recognised faces in Britain.

I don't think I ever refused to sign an autograph in my life and I thought there was nothing like a good mobbing, complete with heaving crowd and a police escort to hold it back.

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