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Burger King prides itself on flame-grilling its burgers rather than frying them, but we all know how fire can misbehave if you don't keep a close eye on it, right?Burger King holds the record for the most restaurants that have burned down since 1954, and that's the brilliant angle seized by DAVID Miami in one of its many innovative campaigns for the company, using genuine photos of blazing BKs to emphasise how it cooks its burgers.

In them, everyday objects suddenly sprout mouths wherever your fingers might touch them, in the hope of licking off a little of the Colonel's chickeny goodness.Although this print advertisement might be a bit too graphic for some, we love how Ecuador advertising agency BBA has applied playful imagery to a sore subject.The 3D rendering is brilliant with everything from the colour to the shading popping out of the page.With a brilliant tag line 'We are made of rock,' the brand's attitudes, product and ethos are effortlessly put across with this print advertisement.Using a signature-like font also showcases the rock star aesthetic.

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