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This started as a OS from my 'Tis The Season collection but thanks to your enthusiasm seems to now be a verse in its own right.A/U: Emma Swan never thought she'd get married, have the big wedding or meet the perfect guy. But what when happens when she hires the wedding band and meets the guy she supposed to end up with? Follow Lizzie and William as they go through the adventures of starting a family and dealing with parenthood together for the first time.Emma and Killian have been dating for three months now and Hook still hasn't made any moves to take things to the next level. Oh and big shout out to @winterbaby89 for the beta! Emma, crown princess of Misthaven, feels trapped within the castle walls.Finally Emma confronts him and gets an answer she wasn't expecting. When her father goes missing on a normal patrol she takes matters into her own hands but wanders into the Dark One's grip. AUAU: When Princess Emma's ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go.Sorry I'm so bad at summaries:)Captain Swan modern AU. Owning a cupcake and candy shop has always been Killian's dream and managing a Hallmark Store was far from a fairytale for Emma. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children's shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares. Emma Swan entered the doors of Newschannel 6 looking for a fresh start after an awful break-up, but one look at Killian Jones, and it throws a wrench in her plan.

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CS Neighbors AU where Emma is a nurse a Based on the prompt: When Emma sent old fat drunk Hook back to the Jolly Roger, she wasn't aware that there was no Jolly Roger in the Wish Realm.

Together, they face many obstacles to find their happy ending, but as she learns, revenge can run deep.

Emma Swan is an enemy of love who just happens to be an up and coming wedding dress designer.

She's convinced that true love is nowhere in her future but then she meets Killian Jones, whose magazine is covering the opening of her new boutique.

Suddenly Emma finds herself drawing up new plans for her life, ones that seem to all be leading towards her own form of wedded bliss.

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