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But there is none mighty in the night, none who can fight alone; no success will come without a helper.

Look, my injury happened while I was without you, when the entourage had not yet heard that I would hand over to you when I had not yet sat with you, that I might make counsels for you; for I did not plan it, I did not foresee it, and my heart had not taken thought of the negligence of servants.

Amenemhat I moved the capital from Thebes to Itjtawy and was buried in el-Lisht.Perhaps the most remarkable feature is that it included fragments of relief-decorated blocks from Old Kingdom monuments – many from pyramid causeways and temples, including Khufu's.Granite blocks from Khafre's complex went into the lining and blocking of Amenemhat I's descending passage.As I came to, I awoke to fighting, and found that it was an attack of the bodyguard.If I had quickly taken weapons in my hand, I would have made the wretches retreat with a charge!

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