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Old-fashioned romance isnt dead, however: among the surveys...

You are in the place where your dreams of a having a Ukrainain Wive or Russian Wife could come true!

If you want to find a girl of your dream but can't do it in real life – on-line dating is your choice.

A lot of beautiful and wonderful girls are registered on our site, the database of the best Russian and Ukrainian ladies is very big.

Life with Russian or Ukrainian woman is really interesting. In a conversation with her you can find lots of interesting things for you. Some of Russian and Ukrainian women are really active.

A new study of online dating site members has found that when couples who had built up a significant relationship by e-mailing or chatting online met for the first time, 94 per cent went on to see each other again.

Perhaps surprisingly, the study, by Dr Jeff Gavin, of the University of Bath, also found that men were more emotionally dependent on their e-partners than women, and more committed to the relationship.

A bit about Russian and Ukrainian girls Why a lot of rich men all over the world want to date with ordinary Russian or Ukrainian woman?

It is really interesting question, nobody knows the correct answer but I want to try to find it.

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