Online dating websites scams elderly

But with some pointed tips from Lisa, you can avoid falling into one of these dangerous scams.The first step to spotting an online scammer is by carefully examining their picture.This is precisely how they reel you in, hook you and eventually catch you.Each year, women (and sometimes men) spend thousands and thousands of dollars falling for and paying manipulative online dating site scammers.

It can be tough to tell someone that you must move on for fear of hurting their feelings.If their profile photo seems too good to be true it probably is.Often, scammers use stock photos of models for their profile pictures.If you suggest meeting in person and he responds with, “I’m on business in (insert various locations),” you should proceed with caution.The best way to respond to this type of comment is by saying, “Well, when you come back, then let’s meet up, but I need to end this now.” If you’ve been speaking with someone online and/or on the phone for two or (maximum) three weeks, it’s definitely time to meet in person.

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