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As far as I know the composition has been reformulated in the past and all I can say in this regard is I have the reformulated version and it smells very contemporary.

No one would define this as old or dated (unlike the original Egoiste or Antaeus for instance).

Good design, high quality sprayer, the only thing that bothers me is that the cap is a fingerprint magnet and it is very irritating.

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It may have a little bit of a cold vibe all together but that’s something I like at times, for warm fragrances you gotta go with Spanish colognes like Alma de Canarias or Loewe or quorum Update I would like to extend my review for the edt platinum egoiste. This is one of my favorites, whatever they used for that fresh cut wood note in the base is beautiful, and it’s one I don’t smell very often, I don’t know why more perfumers don’t utilize that instead they always just use cashmeran or iso e or whatever it might be.

I've owned every iteration of this and the newest is the smoothest, slightly sweeter with less harshness/dryness than the others and easily the most balanced.

From my own experience, many other reviews and the noses of passers-by, the newest formulation of PE is also the best. I got this as a present from a colleague in 2013, but I only started appreciating it recently.

I have received a compliment from a lady 12 hours after application. For comparison so called 'monsters' like Ultramale or Eros evaporate after less than 2 hours on me.

Oddly enough for me it is by far my most complimented fragrance (and I do own fragrances like Blue De Chanel, ADG Profumo, D&G The One, YSL La Nuit, etc.).

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