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The possible location could be Tuscany, famous for grand castles and even grander wedding ceremonies.

No one can tell whether the wedding is at all happening but one thing is for sure — it's not happening in Milan after all.

Romantic Italian Weddings by Marcos Bernasconi, which has a tie-up with several villas, mentions on its website that the venue is the key.

"Tuscany never ends to surprise us thanks to its infinite treasuries of art: the most romantic castles and ancient churches can be hidden in the smallest hamlets or on secluded hills.

Extensive lawns, garden spaces and a panoramic view of the countryside make this an ideal choice for those who want the privacy of having an entire property to themselves for their special day. The expansive lawn can accommodate large seating tents or cabanas.

A 60 feet oval swimming pool is another striking addition to the list of state-of-the-art recreational facilities. PLANNING A TUSCAN WEDDING The cost of a Tuscan wedding depends on several factors like the villa, type of ceremony, catering, bar services, drinks and decoration, choice of photographer/videographer, hairstylist and makeup artist for the bridal party, DJ and transportation.

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