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An Anthology of Writing in Womanist/Feminist Spirituality (2005) * ‘The Black Madonna: Primordial Ancestress’ by Deborah Rose Arthur H.

Bishop -Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Their Journey Together (2016) John Bizzack -Discovering Freemasonry In Context: The Laboratory of Modern Science (2012) * Chapter 15: The Knights Templar – When Facts Get In The Way of A Good Story Annie Sipp Blackwell -Beyond Intimacy With Yahushua, Jesus Christ: Full Disclosure of My Fiery Trials To Be His Wife.

A place that the centuries were meant to have covered up” Benjamin Blech, Roy Doliner -The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo’s Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican (foreword by Enrico Bruschini; 2008) James J.

Bloom -The Imaginary Sea Voyage: Sailing Away in Literature, Legend and Lore (2013) * Chapter Six: From Leif to Christopher – Apocryphal Voyages From The Norse Discoveries To Columbus Kenneth Boa, John Alan Turner -The Gospel According to the Da Vinci Code: The Truth Behind the Writings of Dan Brown (2006) Darrell L. Wallace (Daniel Baird Wallace) -Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture’s Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ (2007) * CLAIM SIX: Jesus’ Tomb has been Found, and His Resurrection and Ascension Did Not Involve A Physical Departure Markus Bockmuehl (Markus Nikolaus Andreas Bockmuehl) -Ancient Apocryphal Gospels (INTERPRETATION Resources For The Use of Scripture In The Church) (2017) * Chapter 1: Gospels of The Original Jesus, Suppressed by an Authoritarian Church? Boehm -Luminous Darkness: The Gateway To Understanding Opposites as Complements (2004) * Chapter Two: Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna Esther De Boer (Esther Adelheid De Boer), 1959-2010 -Mary Magdalene: Beyond The Myth (1997; originally published in Dutch entitled Maria Magdalena: de mythe voorbij, op zoek naar wie zij werkelijk is, 1996) -The Gospel of Mary: Beyond A Gnostic And A Biblical Mary Magdalene (2004; also entitled The Gospel of Mary: Listening To The Beloved Disciple, 2005) -The Mary Magdalene Cover-Up: The Sources Behind The Myth (2007; slightly Revised Edition of the original Dutch Edition, De geliefde discipel: Vroegchristelijke teksten over Maria Magdalena, 2006) * See also Marvin Meyer, 1948-2012; with Esther De Boer Charles Michael Boland, 1931-2012 -They All Discovered America (1961, 1963) * Chapter 18: Prince Henry Sinclair and The Brothers Zeno Lorina Bolig -Ancestors Of “Elvis Aaron Presley” – 50 Generations – The Unofficial Genealogy (2007) * “...

Bock -Breaking The Da Vinci Code: Answering the Questions Everybody’s Asking (foreword by Professor Francis J. Frimutel of Septimania (Duke of Provence) DESPOSYNI Grail-King/Fisher-King Line and Unknown, was born 370...” Milica Z.

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Is the stolen parchment the one said to contain secrets about the Immaculate Conception? Allan, René Barnett, Hercules Invictus, Ambrose Nobel -Hidden Treasures of The Knights Templar: Secrets of Rennes-Les-Chateau, Rosslyn Chapel, Oak Island and The Masonic Order (2017) * See also Brian J.It is a story that my daughter first began to tell me when she was six years old, and now I can finish myself” Tori Amos (Myra Ellen Amos), Ann Powers -Tori Amos: Piece by Piece: A Portrait of The Artist, Her Thoughts, Her Conversations (2006) * Chapter Two: Mary Magdalene – The Erotic Muse Onyekwelu Paulinus Anaedu -The Da Vinci Myth of the Sacred Feminine: An Intercultural-critical Appraisal (2008) L.Shannon Andersen -The Magdalene Awakening (2006; Second Edition entitled The Magdalene Awakening: Symbols & Synchronicity Heralding The Re-Emergence of The Divine Feminine, 2008) * “..full message of Jesus must include the female energy of Mary Magdalene” Richard Andrews, Paul Schellenberger -The Tomb of God: The Body of Jesus and The Solution To A 2,000-Year-Old Mystery (1996) * Later editions of Tomb of God contained a Leaflet responding to the BBC2 Timewatch documentary “The History of a Mystery” that was shown on 17 September 1996 Jack Angelo -The Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene: Esoteric Secrets of The Fourth Gospel (2015) Diana Archer, Dan Brown -The Da Vinci Code (Connect Bible Studies) (booklet, 2005) Artineraries Tours -In The Footsteps of Da Vinci – Da Vinci Code Tour (edited by Lisa R. Ashplant -Mary Magdalene: Meditation Script (e Book, 2014) Gail Ashton; Editor -Medieval Afterlives In Contemporary Culture (2015) * Chapter 21: Cory James Rushton, “Twenty-First-Century Templar” Jim Atkins -Battle Cry!Barrett; Editor -Tales From The Vatican Vaults: 28 Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories Based on An Extraordinary Alternate History (anthology of fiction, introduction by Professor Francis Atterbury, OBE, FRS, dedicated to the memory of Pope John Paul, 1978-2010; 2015) * Published to commemorate the Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Pope John Paul in 2010 * “Saunière's Secret” by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe * “The Mountain Wind” by Patrice Chaplin Dr Judy Barrett -A Christian Study Guide For The Da Vinci Code (2013) Valerie Barrow -Two Soulmates...Walking Through Time & History (introduction by John Barrow, e Book, 2013) * Chapter 21: Rennes-le-Château and the Valley of God Sally Bartolameolli -Blessings From Mary: Daily Sacred Feminine Meditations That Awaken One To Their Divine Purpose Inspired By Mary Magdalene (2010) Gary Bate -Becoming A Christ: A Journey of Self Discovery (illustrations by Karen Pritchard; 2003) -Inspirational Articles of Wisdom (2009) * Page 44: Princess Diana – The Real Royalty Richard Bauckham (Richard J.

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    Installationen’, Erfurt: Europäisches Kulturzentrum in Thüringen, 1994 1993 Gateau, Laurence (ed.), ‘Roman Signer. Aktion mit 14 Fässern’, Castrop-Rauxel: Forum Castrop-Rauxel, 1992 1991 Obrist, Hans-Ulrich, ‘Roman Signer’, Dübendorf: Edition Galerie Bob Gysin, 1991 1988 Schatz, Corinne, ‘Roman Signer. Gall: Verlag Vexer, 1988 Grütter, Tina (ed.), ‘Roman Signer – Skulpturen’, Schaffhausen: Museum zu Allerheiligen, 1988 1987 Keller, Alfons J., Mattes, Roland, et al. Salut’, Zurich: Häusler Contemporary/Artist Books Peter Zimmermann, 2011 (exh. cat.) Affentranger-Kirchrath, Angeli, Guggenheim, Patrizia, Jegher, Patricia, ‘Arte Bregaglia’, Luzern/Poschiavo: Edizioni Periferia, 2008, pp. Gletscherdämmerung’, Munich: Eres Stiftung, 2008, pp. 2: Sudeley Castle’, New York: Phillips de Pury & Company, 2007, ill. cat) van Grevenstein, Aleksander, van den Bosch, Paula (eds.), ‘Bonnefantenmuseum. cat.) Kushner, Rachel, ‘Roman Signer’, in: Stein, Jean (ed.), ‘Grand Street’, New York: Grand Street Press, 2003, pp. cat) Wechsler, Max, ‘Augenzeugnis’, Lucerne: Periferia, 2006 Schneede, Uwe M., Huber, Stephan, ‘... 1985-2005’, Zurich: Ringier, 2006 Bonami, Francesco, Frisa, Maria Luisa, Tonchi, Stefano, ‘Human Game. 31 Kollros, Petra, ‘Zum Kurkonzert auf die grüne Insel’, in: Südwest Presse, Ulm, 21 August 2004 Dörig, Monica, ‘Beobachtungsraum für den Wind’, in: Anzeige-Blatt für die Gemeinden Gais-Bühler, Gais, 17 August 2004, p. 73 Aebli, A., ‘Leserbrief: “Kunst auf dem Berg”’, in: Appenzeller Volksfreund, Appenzell, 14 August 2004, p. 23 Bieri, Rene, ‘Innerrhoden entdeckt „en Öserige“’, in: St.

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