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She briefly dated Paige during the summer and was shown to be very close with Jenna.

It was also revealed by Mona that Jenna and Shana knew each other before she came to town, and Shana might be in love with Jenna.

However, she later turned on her after hearing about what Ali had done to from Jenna and other people in Rosewood. Shana was a store clerk at Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store.

When Noel asked about her southern accent, she said she grew up in South Carolina and recently moved from New York to Rosewood to live with her aunt ("Pretty Dirty Secrets").

Emily comes out from behind the door where she was hiding, and goes onto the stores computer.

She E-Mails herself the stores purchase history for the Queen of Hearts Mask, just before Shana comes back to answer the phone. Later on Paige asks Emily if she had any idea why Shana got in trouble from her boss for E-Mailing out confidential information.

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Paige claims that it's over, and that Shana was just a substitute for when Paige thought she would never get the real thing, Emily.

Shana first appears talking to Spencer, Emily and Hanna.

It was revealed that she's swimming for the Red Devils and gives Emily luck for the competition.

Paige wonders why Shana didn't just tell Paige that on the phone, and Shana replies saying that it must have slipped her mind.

She didn't realize that Paige would be bringing her "girlfriends" giving Emily a dirty look. Emily excuses herself to go to the restroom, and Hanna lures Shana away from the front computer and cash register pretending to be interested in some costumes on the other side of the store.

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