Single Roskilde

RUC was originally established in order to challenge academic traditions and to experiment with new ways to create and acquire knowledge.RUC cultivates a project and problem oriented approach to knowledge creation, because we believe that the most relevant results are obtained by solving real problems in collaboration with others.Her rykker kolonnen sammen sådan, så vi holder 2 og 2 ved siden af hinanden.Ved start indtager du straks zig - zag formationen igen.Future graduates from RUC will contribute to a society in which the creation of value and knowledge will be increasingly achieved through collaboration across businesses, organizations, government agencies, teams and individuals worldwide. It is not sufficient that students acquire the highest level of expertise within their subject areas.

We employ an interdisciplinary approach because no major problems are ever resolved on the basis of any single academic discipline alone.Du må gerne overdrive din placering lidt i formationen.Er der en kører som falder fra under kørslen, kør da op på dennes plads, dvs. Du bliver i samme række, og de bagved følger med op - dvs.hele rækken rykker op - "venstrekører" forbliver "venstrekører" og "højrekører" forbliver "højrekører".I praksis betyder det, at hvis der opstår et hul i venstre side, så rykker hele venstre række en plads frem.

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