Updating drupal version

I opened this spreadsheet, checked that this was still working and autoupdating with current installation of MS Excel and any new automatic office updates (which it did work with), and then just reopened the original spreadsheet. In my instance I was using a particular add-in called PI Datalink.Somehow PI's Calculate method was no longer running during the normal workbook recalculate.For example, “Accordion items” need to be nested within an Accordion group and individual Tab groups would normally be created within a surrounding Tabs group.

I checked all the normal things, like cell type, auto calculation, etc...

Updating to the latest available dev build (8.x-1.0-rc6 12-dev at the time of writing) resolved these issues.

As always, be cautious when using pre-release or dev builds of modules on production servers.

Ctrl F9 not only updated the values, but fixed the problem so it didn't happen again.

I had a case of this just now on Excel 2010: a particular spreadsheet that would not auto-recalculate.

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