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Catherine Shakdam is a political analyst, writer and commentator for the Middle East with a special focus on radical movements and Yemen.

Her writings have been published in world-renowned publications such as Foreign Policy Journal, Mintpress News, the Guardian, Your Middle East, Middle East Monitor, Middle East Eye, Open Democracy, Eurasia Review and many more.

Sebastian Smythe wants Kurt the moment he sees him, and he isn't going to give up pursuing him, no matter how many obstacles lie in his way and even if a certain Warbler makes it clear that Kurt is his.

Hilarity ensues with Kurt and Sebastian's witty bickering, the Warblers and New Directions trying to figure what the heck is going on, and Finn Hudson is so clueless.

Something he could tell his mates about to impress them. Uther discovers the ultimate weapon against magic and, mad from the loss of Morgana, turns against his own beliefs in order to restore order.

Little did he know, the term "mate" would have an entirely different meaning by the end of the night. Merlin Evans, discusses Arthurian ideals with his students. Merlin begins to act strangely and Arthur has the heart to finally ask what is wrong but something is keeping the boy from confessing his own woe.

After all, Jade is scary and you always have to watch yourself around her. When Tim's case turns up an unexpected surprise, what will he do? Sebastian has an abusive ex he fled Paris from who finds him & tries to assault him, An adrenaline and rage fueled Kurt interferes to save him.

Sixteen years later, Jade is one of Andre's best friends. A pissed off protective Kurt Hummel is a scary Kurt Hummel.

They didn't count on it being more than just missing dragons, and there's something strange about the white dragon with the strangely intelligent grey eyes that they find locked deep underground. OR: Q thinks he's going mad, until it turns out his dead lover is not quite as dead as he'd thought. He needed space and something to do, and Braeden was just the right kind of distraction that could take him away from Beacon Hills and all of their madness. He doesn't even hear about it until he wakes up to all the glass in his small apartment shattering in a single blow, in the middle of the night Bond returns from a mission in the middle of the night and arrives to Q's apartment. The agent needs to sleep and the only way he could do it without having a nightmare is in Q's arms apparently. Will pretending to be team captain for one game work out the way he hopes it will? It all started when Bond returned from that mission in Russia. Kurt was finally at a school with his own kind who could teach him to control his long suppressed abilities, if only this vampire would stop incessantly flirting with him. During Santana's rant, he flashes back to his years of loneliness and begins to panic. Sebastian just wanted to be happy but he also wanted his family to stop worrying about him. For there, on the threshold, clad in casual clothing that felt strangely wrong and grinning from ear to ear, stood none other than Jim Moriarty."AU. D., Steven Universe, Jurassic Park, Captain America, James Bond, Descendants, 2015, Hellboy, Song of Achilles, Teen Wolf, South Park, Web Shows, and Riverdale. Kurt was forced to change schools, but maybe it was for the best. How is it that the Warbler's have Kurt's back when the New Directions don't? the atmosphere of the room is too joyful, but his world is crumbling. Determined to keep his secret, Draco is forced to seek out unusual help. Because no matter their past he wants a man like Sebastian. It was one thing to do something bad, but it was another to do something even a villain believed was wrong./ A re-telling of Descendants from Carlos' point of view"Now, standing in his living room, one hand clutching his violin a little too tight while the other one, holding the bow, was hanging limply by his side, Sherlock Holmes was truly and completely baffled. After their trip to Scandals Blaine tries to rape Kurt whilst drunk, luckily Sebastian saves him. The curse wiped out most of the world's population, leaving Ra's in charge of Gotham and a reincarnated, memory-less Tim in the man's hands. Cuando Bucky vio su reflejo en uno de los tantos espejos del laberinto sintió como si el caos de su mente hubiera logrado materializarse para atormentarlo ya no sólo en sus sueños.But from out of nowhere, someone else steps in to give Kurt a third option to possibly consider… And not just any boyfriend but a boy from all of their past. When Andre gets to know about Beck starting to date Jade he's sure his best friend is crazy and that it will be over soon enough. And as their "love" starts fading under the pressure, Harry has to wonder if the people who are telling him that this is just a phase aren't right. Tori's attempt to fix Beck and Jade's relationship ends up tearing it apart even more when Beck discovers a dark secret in Jade's life, a secret that on plain sight seems her mistake but what lays underneath is much worse because it's something that could potentially destroy her life once again... Semi-established Jayx Tim, they will establish their relationship soon. AU The first time ep Kurt get's the chance to be a Hero, and earns the trust and respect of Sebastian Smythe in the process.

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