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Dating online has reduced the courtship process from years to months or even weeks. Besides offering convenience, online dating has made it easier to connect like-minded individuals together through tools such as advanced search & cupid matchmaking.

In a time poor world, with traffic and careers taking over our lives, we can fit online dating around our busy schedules to find a compatible partner.

She writes avidly for dating websites, men’s maagzines and still squeezes in working ‘in-field’ teaching the arts of seduction.

Now she will be contributing, through video, to to give you the best relationship, dating and sex advice.

It’s a sentiment that’s echoed by pretty much every woman we spoke with.

Wendy, a veteran online dater from the tri-state area concurs.

Nothing is more annoying than a guy who takes shortcuts.” She cites the following example: “Say I spend an entire paragraph talking about how one of my loves is spending time with my sister and rolling around with her two boys. ’ I’m like, ‘Can’t you even be bothered to read the whole profile? If the other person’s profile says, ‘I’m looking for long-term,’ and all you’re after is hooking up, give it a pass.

’ Or, I’ll have stated that if you do any drugs at all—even pot—you and I will not be a match, yet I hear from guys who are clearly into partying.” Wendy’s cardinal rule for online dating is this: Don’t waste your own time and don’t waste other people’s time. Similarly, if you want something more serious, and all she’s into is random play, move on.” Next: Scaling it back [pagebreak] The problem for many younger guys when choosing appropriate potential partners, notes Wendy, are “the shiny factor” and “single focus self-involvement lenses.” The most frequent offenders, in her experience, are twenty-somethings just looking to hook up or find some instant gratification. “They see a tremendous rack in one of my pictures, and they’re mesmerized, and I get the IM or email.” (In fact, commenting on a woman’s physical attractiveness right off the bat can actually be a turn-off, according to Robinson, since it can be read as superficial.

And yet, it’s a common enough gambit that gets would-be daters shot down on a regular basis.) So, don’t be distracted.

We provide readers with online dating tips, date ideas, and complete reviews of the top dating websites.

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