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There seemed to be some sad closure to Pete and Trudy's final exchange last season.

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but if you think back to seasons two, three and four, there were scenes where it would be literally written on the page, "Pete stares at Ken like he wants to kill him." That was the stage direction I was being given. I never would consider that would be something that would happen to Peter Campbell, but I never really gave it too much thought. They both have pros and cons, and I have a pretty good life in Los Angeles.

He needs someone to be the bad guy, and it's never going to be him. Do you think Don and Pete could successfully partner up? Lots of times the best of partnerships in business in my understanding are people who don't necessarily get along that well because there's not any personal love lost.

Yeah, they're both very good at their jobs, and they're not trying to get the other guy's job anymore. He doesn't want to deal with anyone he doesn't have to. It would work out much better than Ted Chaough and Pete, I think, only because those two don't seem to respect each others' work. Ferguson on Mad Men's Most Platonic Relationship He turned the corner a long time ago, but did Pete ever feel like an antagonist to you? Even though I was set up as the antagonist for the first season or two, it really wasn't that way if you read the scripts.

PHOTOS: ' Mad Men' Cast: Before They Were Famous And Bob Benson, Pete's current nemesis, now exists entirely offscreen.

That storyline last year was fun, and it was a fresh breath of air for us. I like that there's this guy out there somewhere that Pete judges himself against and measures himself against and wants to destroy. Ken Cosgrove's gay lover didn't throw Pete's mom off of a cruise ship. The same amount of hate is leveled at Ken Cosgrove, for just being himself, as there is for Bob Benson because they're both in his way. That's hard to say, but I will say it's hard to live anywhere other than L. or New York being in the film and television industry.

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