Who is colbie caillat dating justin young

American singer-songwriter popular on the contemporary Hawaiian music scene.Justin has been dating singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat since 2009. Justin currently tours with Caillat, as lead guitarist and backup singer.Apparently, her music doesn't simply create a buzz but won the heart of those who have listened to it.Her debut album 'Coco' was released on July 17, 2007 and scored fifth position in Billboard Hot 200 chart after selling as many as 50,963 copies.Young, talented and very much desirable, Colbie Caillat is inarguably a fresh singer ready to give music industry the re-shake up it's been dying for.Through a breezy song called 'Bubbly' and a nationwide publicity on My Space, Colbie invited millions of curious people to visit her page just to listen how good she sounds.

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At 11-years-old, Colbie started singing other people's songs but her father said that the greatest respect and appreciation come from an artist who can both write and perform his or her work well.I could totally immerse myself and see if it was something I wanted to pursue without the long commitment.Were there any films or influencers that made you decide to learn documentary filmmaking? As a kid, I remember watching Hoop Dreams many times and wanting to find more movies like that — not knowing exactly what documentaries were.Always loved non-fiction form of storytelling — books, radio programs and of course documentary films.The fact that NYFA offers a 6-week course was really appealing.

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