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Sometime in the past she had a vehicle registered to her that the insurance on the vehicle lapsed; i.e., the insurance expired. As far as the NYS DMV is concerned, if your vehicle’s license plates are NOT in the possession of the NYS DMV, then the vehicle which is registered to you MUST have auto insurance on it.

Anytime you fail to pay your insurance premium that triggers an electronic alert from your insurance company to the DMV, which triggers a notice sent out to you as the registered owner of the vehicle directing you to re-insure your vehicle by a deadline date, of which failure to do so WILL RESULT in your vehicle’s registration as well as your driver’s license being suspended.

When the police ran her license, they were informed that her license was suspended.

The underlying reason for the suspension was that at a point in the past insurance had lapsed on a vehicle registered to her.

What happened in Liz Cho’s suspension case Here are the mechanics of what happened in Liz Cho’s case. Your insurance company identifies your vehicle by VIN, and it is cross referenced at the DMV to your license plate number.

For the fee we can charge you to review your driving record, it is will worth it compared to the consequences of being arrested.

It is in the pre-dawn hours at a top-secret location in Brooklyn.

Don’t find out about your license suspension like Liz Cho did.

She was arrested, handcuffed, and taken into custody. Now she has to deal with the headache and expense of getting it back. She has to make court appearances before the Manhattan Criminal Court’s V & T part, where they take aggravated unlicensed operation very seriously. She is facing a permanent criminal history, high fines, and jail time.

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