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Chami Cool is a busker that originally comes from France, but sings in French, English and Spanish. He likes performing in the streets as he gets to meet people and have real relationships with his audience.Chami Cool is a synonym for bright colours, wide smile, wonderful singing and happiness!Also will perform percussionist Akasha Batta and young singer Nikolina Kovacevic.Miško Plavi appeared on new wave rock scene in the early eighties as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, working with many popular bands.In recent years, his preoccupation is accordion, and with this instrument has built a significant international career.Since 2000 he performs "Music Around the World" and he held more than 200 concerts in Japan.

In the seven years that followed, a handful of other problems would tickle V16 without confirmation, most notably Daniel Woods’ 2010 called to her but seemed impossible.Jak chud mldenec skrze svou chytrost a ikovnost nakonec ke tst piel. Nmcov Televizn filmovou pohdku o tom, jak chud mldenec Ondra skrze svou chytrost a ikovnost nakonec ke tst piel, nabdneme v nedli odpoledne vem malm divkm.V chud chalup ije mnoho dt, z nich nejstar je Ondra.In the four years since his climb, Fred Nicole’s afro had been photographed everywhere, from South Africa to California.But it was back in Cresciano, Switzerland, where he’d complete the world’s first V15—a nagging problem Nicole first noticed in 1991 that took him an entire season to complete.

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